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Trash Tuesday from Skinos Beach on Rinia near Delos near Mykonos.

This anchorage gets very busy during the day with tripper boats but empties out considerably in the evening. If you arrive and there are lots of craft anchored there already, it's best to anchor further out and wait until sunset. You should be able to manoeuvre right into this little bay which has the clearest water we have seen in a long time. It also has a beautiful, fine sand beach.

We collected a bag of plastic trash along the shoreline a few days ago which included 91 plastic drinking water and Coke caps along 176 metres of beach!

The beach is pretty clean now, so if you're in the area, it's a great place to stop and has the added bonus that, weather permitting, you can easily take your tender to the amazing archaeological site of Delos nearby.

Skinos Beach in the foreground with Delos behind and Mykonos in the background

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