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Trash Tuesday - spreading the word

For a number of years before buying Lady Roslyn, we chartered catamarans in various locations around the Mediterranean. The man we used to find the right boat, at the right time, in the right location and at the right price was almost always Roger Garnett from Tenrag Yacht Charters in the UK.

Somehow he always came through for us and even though we now own our own boat, he has kept contact with us via Facebook.

He often commented on our posts and in particular he showed an interest in what we have been doing with our “Trash Tuesday” initiative.

A few weeks ago he reached out to us to ask if we could send him details of a selection of posts we have made about plastic trash collection in the Mediterranean. He asked if we would mind if he adopted and promoted “Trash Tuesday” to all his charter clients in the hope that they all “come onboard” in an effort to keep the bays and coves we all love to anchor in cleaned of plastic trash.

We are really delighted to see his on his website today, a Tuesday, his new page promoting “Trash Tuesday”.

Thank you Roger. It is only by individuals, companies, corporations and governments all pulling together, that we stand any chance of slowing down the tsunami of plastic that is pouring into our oceans.

We would love to try to get other charter companies to adopt and promote "Trash Tuesday" to their charter clients, so if anyone reading this knows someone at Sunsail/Moorings or any other charter companies, please would you contact me with their details or forward this post to them.

To see the Tenrag “Trash Tuesday” webpage please click the hyperlink below

If anyone reading this is thinking of chartering a yacht, pretty much anywhere, don’t hesitate to contact Roger Garnett at

He’s a really good guy and we can virtually guarantee that he’ll get you the best deal.

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