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Sneaking in the last Trash Tuesday of 2018

The season has come to an end for us, but not before we were able to get in one last Trash Tuesday for 2018 in Turkey.

We spent the last 2 nights anchored off the west side of Gocek Adasi, an island very near to Gocek town. It's close enough so you can take your tender into Gocek, but far enough away and tucked around a corner so that you do not see the lights of the town.

We arrived at dusk after a 9 hour sail from north of Bozburun near Selimiye and it was only when we woke the next day to find crystal clear water and thickly wooded slopes surrounding us, that we noticed the trash lining the rocky beach just off our starboard stern.

I took the SUP and cleared the beach of the most ridiculous assortment of plastic trash - a disposable mens razor, a cigarette lighter, a single flip flop, along with the usual plastic water bottles, bottle caps and crisp packets.

It all fitted into one bag and now the cove is clean.

It's very late in the season but any sailors still out there and near Gocek, this is a great little anchorage.

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