Our second last Trash Tuesday of 2018

Sadly, by this time next week, we will be moored in a marina and preparing Lady Roslyn for winter.

We have loved our journey along the Turkish coastline and taking time to explore the wonderful Gulf of Gokova.

After meandering along the southern shores of the Gulf for over a week, we crossed to the north side and entered the large bay of Akbuk Limani. The previous week was all about anchoring in small coves enclosed by rolling hills, densely covered in pine forests which grow right to the water's edge. Suddenly it felt as though we were in the Alps and anchored in a Swiss lake.

Today's Trash Tuesday post gives the location of a cleared cove as well as details of a very, very beautiful anchorage which may not immediately be apparent when entering Akbuk Limani or looking in the Turkish Waters Pilot Book.

The water here is crystal clear and the bottom in the cove is white sand. We dropped anchor in 17m and reversed in, watching as the depth came up steadily (our keel was only 1.4m clear of the sand once anchored). There are good rocks to tie off to and once in, we felt very secure in absolutely spectacular surroundings.

By next year, I am not sure if this cove will still be clear of trash, but at least it is now, and if anyone is visiting this area in future, and the wind direction suitable, give this anchorage a try.

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Interactive map

Click on the icons below to see details of the anchorages or stops we have made, as well as drone images of the anchorages, where possible. Hopefully this information might assist you should you decide to visit there.

As of October 2019 there are now over 610 drone images taken at over 230 anchorages, harbours and marinas.

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