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Trash Tuesday from Turkey

A HUGE thank you to Tammy, Jack & Tom Rutherford for helping out this morning to clear the small bay we have been anchored in of all the plastic trash we could find.

This cove is between the Karacaoren and Gemiler Adasi anchorages and is absolutely beautiful. However, with Olu Deniz relatively close by, and lots of day tripper boats around, the cove traps all the trash in the afternoon breeze.

Yesterday, while we were anchoring, we saw 4 turtles in the cove and during the afternoon, had the special experience of snorkeling with a large loggerhead turtle as it lazily swam underneath Lady Roslyn.

This gave us extra motivation to give the cove a really clean of all the plastic.

This anchorage is definitely worth it if you prefer being away from other yachts and gulets which use the Karakaoren and Gemiler anchorages. Bottom is sand with excellent holding. 2 lines ashore to rocks.

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