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Lady Roslyn reaching her true potential

Some days the sailing is so good you just can't stop.

Today was one of those days. We had spent the night in a beautiful bay near Ekincik so that we could make an early morning visit up the Dalyan river delta to see the loggerhead turtles and visit Kaunos and the Lycian rock tombs.

Upon our return we upped anchor, raised the main, unfurled the genoa and set course for Baba Adasi, an anchorage further south along the Lycian coast. The wind angle was perfect at 120 degrees with a wind speed of 15-20 knots. Lady Roslyn was very happy in these conditions but felt like she needed to really get going, so we furled the genoa, took out our Code 0 "The Beast" from the forepeak, set it and WOW, did we take off.

The pictures below speak for themselves.

This is a FULLY loaded Saba 50 catamaran - Catherine & I are living onboard for 4 months this year and we currently have our 2 daughters and 4 friends onboard. We filled up with water and diesel in Marmaris yesterday, so are carrying around 950 litres of diesel as well as over 500 litres of water as well as all the food, clothing, bicycles, dive gear and spares we carry with us.

What an incredible sensation as she powered up to 11.8 knots.

The sailing was so good that we flew right past Baba Adasi and just kept going.

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