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Trash Tuesdays post from Symi

Good morning everyone.

Today's post is a very happy one from Symi in the Dodecanese. We anchored in Ormos Thessalona, a spectacular and very beautiful anchorage with towering cliffs above us, electric turquoise water below, a grey pebble beach and a small church nestled among pines and oleander bushes.

Needless to say it is a very popular bay, particularly with day tripper boats. However, by 5pm they all leave and only a few yachts remain.

It's definitely worth the effort of getting in there, even if it does initially feel crowded.

The happy Trash Tuesday post for today is that even with so many boats in the bay every day, we found the beach to be exceptionally clean. Certainly this is the smallest Trash Tuesday haul we have had so far this season. We found the small packet on the beach and everything we could find fitted inside it - 2 water bottles, a few strands of rope, a sponge and (sadly) 23 plastic water bottle caps.

Anyone thinking of visiting Symi should certainly consider this as a great stop over, and now the beach is completely free of even the smallest pieces of plastic trash.

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