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Wingaker WOW !

We enjoyed our 7 hour passage from Astipalea to Kos 2 days ago. Our fist hour was in light winds at 60 degrees. We unfurled the Code 0 and watched as Astipalea disappeared behind us.

The wind dropped completely and for the next two and a half hours we motored across flat blue seas.

As we approached the northern coast of Kos, the wind began to fill in directly astern. Perfect conditions for "Lady in Red" our Wingaker parasail.

With our Code 0 up we can usually get our boat speed to about half wind speed, but one third of our 360 degree vision is obscured. The beautiful thing about the Wingaker is that we have 360 degree vision when using it, it is totally silent and Lady Roslyn just wants to go. As can be seen from the image below with 7 knots GPS speed in 11.4 knots of wind, we had boat speed close to two thirds of wind speed. With the Wingaker up we could sail faster than we would have been motoring, and without the Wingaker we would have had to motor.

What a fantastic downwind passage we had close in to the coast of Kos. At times we were only around 500metres off the shoreline and to all the beachgoers lying tanning themselves under umbrellas at the countless resorts along the coast, we must have looked spectacular.

All we can say is "Wingaker. WOW !"

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