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Come on Coca Cola. You can do better.

We pick up plastic trash in almost every bay and cove in which we anchor along our journey.

We are currently anchored in a tiny bay on the island of Astipalea in the the middle of the Aegean sea of Greece. We have a 7 hour sail ahead of us tomorrow to Kos and it took us 5 hours to reach here from Amorgos. Basically it is far from anywhere.

Yet on this tiny beach behind us which is 65 metres long (I paced it along the waterline) we collected 68 plastic caps from water and colddrink bottles. That's more than 1 bottle cap per metre of beach! A number of them were from Coca Cola and Dasani water bottles, which is made by Coca Cola.

Seems to me that it is profits before the planet.

Come on Coca Cola, what are you doing to stop this madness?

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