Come on Coca Cola. You can do better.

We pick up plastic trash in almost every bay and cove in which we anchor along our journey.

We are currently anchored in a tiny bay on the island of Astipalea in the the middle of the Aegean sea of Greece. We have a 7 hour sail ahead of us tomorrow to Kos and it took us 5 hours to reach here from Amorgos. Basically it is far from anywhere.

Yet on this tiny beach behind us which is 65 metres long (I paced it along the waterline) we collected 68 plastic caps from water and colddrink bottles. That's more than 1 bottle cap per metre of beach! A number of them were from Coca Cola and Dasani water bottles, which is made by Coca Cola.

Seems to me that it is profits before the planet.

Come on Coca Cola, what are you doing to stop this madness?

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Click on the icons below to see details of the anchorages or stops we have made, as well as drone images of the anchorages, where possible. Hopefully this information might assist you should you decide to visit there.

As of October 2019 there are now over 610 drone images taken at over 230 anchorages, harbours and marinas.

About us

We are Nic and Catherine Hodgson from Cape Town, South Africa. Our plan is to commute between Cape Town and LADY ROSLYN, spending a few seasons cruising and exploring the Mediterranean Sea, an Atlantic crossing, time in the Caribbean and with luck, a season or two in the Pacific.

Along the way, we hope that family and friends will join us.

For now though, we are taking it slowly and enjoying life one trip at a time.

"We travel not to escape life,

but for life not to escape us"


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