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Trash Tuesdays post from Skhinousa

Today's post comes from the Little Cyclades and once again the trash was collected from what we believe is the best anchorage on the island.

Anyone visiting Skhinousa and looking for an anchorage with few signs of human settlement - no houses, churches, roads, lights or power lines, will love this bay. It is not written about in the Greek Waters Pilot but has an anchor sign on the map in the book.

It is located in the north west of the island, a short distance north of the small settlement of Mirsini. Close in, the bottom is sand (great holding) and there are lots of rocks to tie off to. If no one else is in the bay you could also swing at anchor. We tucked into the hooked cove at the head of the bay with 2 lines ashore. We had perfectly flat water in a light northerly when we anchored, but we did have some rolling in the night when a light westerly came up.

As of a few days ago the rocks, coves and beach were clear of all plastic trash and white polystyrene that we could see.

It's 7.30am Greek time. Come on Med Sailors. Please go out today and pick up trash in the bay you are anchored in, take photos and post them on the Med Sailors Facebook page, letting us all know where you have cleaned up so we know to go there. Remember you don't only have to pick up trash on a Tuesday - you can do it any day of the week.

We just post the pictures and information on Trash Tuesdays.

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