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Without contrast things would be grey

The last 24 hours have really highlighted for me the wonderful contrast that makes life onboard such a rich and vibrant experience.

We're sailing in the Cyclades and have had more full-on sailing days in the last 5 weeks than we did in 3 months last year. Some of the days out at sea and nights at anchor have had us in a state of total focus and complete concentration and in the case of Catherine, some anxiety.

Then a day pops up in which everything is perfect.

Last evening we anchored off Nikoyria Island on the north side of Amorgos. Only ourselves in the bay, with 2 other yachts anchored a few hundred metres away from us. Still, flat, totally quiet and a zillion stars in the night sky as we lay on the top deck looking up.

Today we motored along the incredibly dramatic northern coast of Amorgos and then set sail with our Code 0 for a 4 hour sublime downwind run to Astypalea.

This evening we are anchored in Ormos Panormos on the north western tip of Astypalea. Again still. Again flat, again totally quiet, with only the sounds of goat and sheep bells as the animals make their way across the hillside to who knows where.

This evening we are completely alone in this beautiful bay.


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