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Trash Tuesdays post from Santorini

The post below was submitted today to the Med Sailing Facebook group which has over 5000 members. We're hoping to encourage others to collect plastic trash along the way to clean up the bays and coves where we all anchor.

In the hopes that it will motivate the members of this group to join in, today's Trash Tuesday's post has the addition of the exact location of the cove in which the 2 big bags and a bucket of plastic trash was collected

Does the exact location matter you may ask? Well, it's not mentioned in any Cruising Guide or post we have ever found. It is also on Santorini, where there are very few good anchorages.

We believe that it is the most spectacular anchorage on the island and gives you a grandstand view of Thira perched on the top of the cliffs above.

It should only be attempted during a calm weather window. The bottom is rocky. We dropped anchor in 12m and did not set it very aggressively. We reversed in, tied two short stern lines to the rocks and finally two lines off the bows. There is a steel cable spanning the very head of the cove below the water, but will not be a problem if you don't reverse too far in. We had no difficulty in lifting the anchor, but unless you have the ability to dive on the anchor, perhaps setting it with a tripping line and buoy would be a good idea.

From the stern, the view is stark, dramatic and gives a real sense of the unbelievable power of the volcanic explosion that shattered all the rocks on the island. From the bow, the view is a picture postcard perfect view of Santorini.

It's a short RIB ride away from the steps and cable-car up to Thira. You can leave your yacht safely trussed up like a turkey and sit at a bar on the cliffs above, sipping a cocktail at sunset and enjoy the incredible view back to your boat.

It's now 9:06am Greek time. The whole day lies ahead. Let's see how many of you Med Sailors can either post your own Trash Tuesdays post or hit reply to this post with pictures of the plastic trash you collect today.

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