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Sublime sailing from Serifos to Sifnos

Sometimes all the elements come together to give you a perfect passage. Our crossing from Mega Livadi bay on Serifos to Kamares on Sifnos was one of those days.

We put up our main and genoa as we left Mega Livadi and sailed deep downwind to the south-western tip of Serifos. We continued a short distance offshore to avoid the wind shadow of the island and then gybed and set course for Sifnos.

The wind angle was perfect at around 70 degrees from our port side. The sea state was smooth and the wind constant.

Having watched the incredible images and footage from the current Volvo Ocean Race, I decided to hand launch our DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to capture these images while underway.

The images speak for themselves but I must admit my knees were shaking after having retrieved the drone.

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