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Photo of the Day #37

One of the most striking things I have noticed since returning to Greece after a 3 and a half week break to return home to Cape Town, is how the light has changed.

Gone is the bright, brassy and scorching light of July. In it's place is a softer and more gentle light. It's still been hot, but one can feel that autumn is not far away.

I've found that this change in light quality is being reflected in the images taken using the drone and am loving seeing this difference in the pictures which are captured.

Today's photo of the day was taken when returning the drone to Lady Roslyn after having flown over our anchorage near Trikeri island in the Gulf of Volos and Catherine was sitting on the starboard bow seat, quietly looking out over the bay.

#LadyRoslyn #Sailing #Catamaran #FountainePajot #Trikeri #Volos

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