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It's good to be back

After spending 62 nights on board Lady Roslyn and having the most incredible summer, sailing her from northern Italy, through Croatia, Montenegro, the Ionians and around the Peloponnese in Greece, we flew home from Athens to Cape Town for 3 and a half weeks.

We're back on board now for another month, sailing northwards towards the Sporades and Halkadiki where we will winter Lady Roslyn.

What a difference a three and a half week break during August makes in the Mediteranean season. Gone are the incredibly hot 39 degree days. Gone are the crowds. Gone are the busy anchorages. Our last two evenings at anchor, the first off Nisis Xero and last evening in Ormos Sikies, both in the Evia Channel, have been quiet, empty and very relaxed.

It will be very interesting to see if Skiathos and Skopelos in the Sporades will still be busy when we get there in a week's time, but in the meantime it's very good to be back on the water.

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