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Photo of the Day #36

Spectacular Skopelos.

From our anchorage at Koukounaries in the south of Skiathos, we took the lesser traveled route up the west coast of Skaithos, across the channel separating Skiathos from Skopelos and then southwards down the east coast of Skopelos.

What a spectacular day it turned out to be. Dramatic coastline, secluded beaches and cliffs plunging into the sea.

We ambled slowly along the north east coast of Skopelos and nosed our way into a beautiful anchorage off a secluded beach where we swam in the crystal water and sat on the beach made up of very small rounded grey-white stones and pebbles.

It's days like this that make boating special.

#LadyRoslyn #Sailing #Catamaran #FountainePajot #Skopelos

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