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Photo of the Day #31

The southern coast of the Peloponnese has 3 long peninsulas jutting out southwards and separating the Adriatic from the Aegean Sea.

Here we are anchored with 2 lines ashore in Limeni, a small hamlet on the east coast of Mani, which is the central of the 3 peninsulas.

The Maniote architecture along this coast is very sympathetic with the surrounding countryside - solid stone houses, square and symmetrical with a timelessness about them so that one cannot tell if they were built last year or 1000 years ago.

We loved the laid back atmosphere in Limeni, with local tourists enjoying their holidays and we were delighted to discover a very cool waterside bar where we could enjoy Mojito's and local rose wine as the sun set.

#LadyRoslyn #Sailing #Catamaran #FountainePajot #Limeni #ManiPeninsula

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