Photo of the Day #27

Halfway between Ormos Kerio on the southern tip of Zakynthos and Methoni on the Peloponnese lie 2 very remote and small islands called Nisos Arpyia and Nisos Stamphani. Crossing from Zakynthos, we anchored in a small bay on Arpyia called Ormos Limani.

It turned out to be a special stopover for us, en route to Methoni, with only a couple of local fishermen in small boats for company.

At sunset we took the RIB and crossed the channel to Stamphani to visit the monastery there. It was built in 1241 and heavily fortified to defend against pirates sailing these waters. Until recently only one monk and a flock of sheep remained on the island. Now the monastery is empty and overgrown and seems abandoned, with old books gathering dust and relics of a bygone era slowly disintegrating.

Walking around the monastery and the living compound, we became completely engrossed in imagining life as it must have been for the monks.

Today's Photo of the Day shows the monastery compound with Lady Roslyn at anchor off Arpyia in the distance.

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We are Nic and Catherine Hodgson from Cape Town, South Africa. Our plan is to commute between Cape Town and LADY ROSLYN, spending a few seasons cruising and exploring the Mediterranean Sea, an Atlantic crossing, time in the Caribbean and with luck, a season or two in the Pacific.

Along the way, we hope that family and friends will join us.

For now though, we are taking it slowly and enjoying life one trip at a time.

"We travel not to escape life,

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