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Photo of the Day #25

Once again it is just too hard to choose only one "Photo of the Day" so I have chosen 3 today.

The west coast of Zakynthos has very few protected anchorages. One of them is Ormos Vromi just south of Shipwreck Bay. Upon entering Vromi it all looked too tight and crowded so, as the the weather was settled and wind from the prevailing north-west, we manouvred ourselves into this beautiful uncharted anchorage on Agios Ioannis just outside Vromi inlet. We dropped anchor and secured ourselves stern into the wind with 2 lines ashore.

It's unexpected finds like this that make sailing your own boat so special.

#LadyRoslyn #Sailing #Catamaran #FountainePajot #Lagooncatamaran #Zakynthos

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