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Photo of the Day #21

We had one of the most amazing experiences of our lives today.

Early on the second morning of our 28 hour passage from Bar in Montenegro to Corfu in Greece, while off the Albanian coast and with the water mirror flat, we saw a small fin pop out of the water very close to the boat. Thinking it might be dolphin, we slowed the boat down and turned towards where we had seen the fin.

We soon saw that it was not a dolphin but some kind of ray. However, it was not until we had stopped Lady Roslyn and I had jumped into the water, that we realised what kind of ray and just how huge it was. It was a giant devil ray - Mobula mobular - which has a 5.5 metre wingspan. The ray was feeding on the surface, lazily flapping its wings. It took great interest in us, slowly circling Lady Roslyn, doing barrel rolls and circles, showing us its white underbelly then swimming below us giving us all round views of its magnificent markings.

We swam with it for about 45 minutes and after reluctantly having to start one of our motors to continue our journey, we came upon another 2 giant devil rays, feeding on the surface, within 500 metres of the first one.

I can't pick only one photo of the day so I am including 2 today.

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